• Why should I choose an epoxy floor coating?

Concrete floors are sure to break down and deteriorate over time leading to cracks, divots, and chips. Epoxy from a professional will ensure it is sealed and protected from the elements that can cause damage to your concrete while giving you an easy to clean and beautiful floor.

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Removing household items are a good start. In some cases, you will need to make arrangements to have these items stored elsewhere for up to 24-48 hours. This could be longer depending on the type of flooring you decide to go with. In normal circumstances, you can walk on it in 24 hours but will need to delay return items or vehicles on it.

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Proper prep work is the most important step in the epoxy process. Repair work needs to be done to ensure the integrity of epoxy flooring system. The cracks and defects will be fixed with a filler.

      • Are specific colors available?

Absolutely! Your vision for the project will guide us as we get started. We will discuss what you would like in your dream floor- color, textures can all be controlled to your desire.

        • Will my new epoxy flooring be slippery?

Depending on your specific flooring choices, your floors may have a slightly textured surface and feel or a smooth, glass-like surface. In most cases, your new epoxy flooring system will be no more slippery than regular concrete when it’s wet. If you are concerned about how slippery your new epoxy flooring will be, there are slip resistant additives that can be added to the top coat that will help with this issue.

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Broom, dust mop, or a leaf blower are all great options. Ammonia water and mop for a deep cleaning. Avoid soap and water as it can leave a film behind that will become slippery.

        • Why do I need an epoxy floor?

Any concrete will degrade over time. You will be left with cracks, divots, chips. Epoxy will seal and protect the concrete from the elements that cause the degradation.

        • Is Scorpion PowerCOAT right for you?

If you still have additional questions or unsure if this right for you, give us a call at (800) 483-9087.