Scanner made by overmolding.


Many of us use products every day that were manufactured with an overmolding process. But what is it, and how can your product design benefit? Learn more about this injection-molding process and how the unique properties of overmolding can offer comfort and structure to handheld products or alternatives to traditional gasket construction. Read more “What Is Overmolding & How Does The Overmolding Process Work?”


PET Plastics are suitable for industrial and consumer markets and is food safe | RSP


Did you know that PET plastic is an eco-friendlier option than many other plastic materials? It’s suited to more than just plastic bottles. Learn about PET’s unique mix of properties over the alternatives, and find out the advantages of manufacturing with versatile, durable, lightweight PET.

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While using recycled ocean plastic is becoming increasingly popular, it is still difficult to find a manufacturing partner who is investing in the materials and processes for manufacturing recycled ocean plastic products. RSP CEO, Mike Ryan, dives into the questions you should be asking your potential ocean plastic manufacturer.

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Veridt, an innovative OEM of intelligent credential readers for both the public and private sectors, is a longtime customer of RSP. Since 1999, Veridt has manufactured a range of customizable hardware that keeps critical infrastructure such as maritime ports safe and secure with card readers, keypads and biometric devices built to withstand heavy use and extreme environments. Read more “A Durable Partnership: RSP Helps Veridt Manufacture Credential Readers for a Decade and Counting”